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We have an exciting plan to bring forward a more integrated, equitable community in Illinois.

EVi66 is taking the initiative to bring sustainable energy solutions here, to our underserved communities. Our approach starts with partnering with community-based nonprofits and organizations who share our vision of creating local programming that promotes environmental justice while also helping build charging stations for electric vehicles. With this effort, we will not only be mitigating the effects of climate change but opening new job opportunities through education and skills training programs. These jobs can directly benefit people from all backgrounds within a neighborhood's business district model.

This also includes looking at ways to bolster local economic value and provide zero emission standards while also driving the State towards its clean energy goal by 2030. We are setting our sights high as we look ahead with plans for holding up the majority of the charging stations available throughout Illinois - helping make green technology accessible across all corners of this great State!

Humboldt Park Charging Stations

EVi66 and local businesses are joining forces to build community wealth, grow tourism, and provide the latest public safety protocols. Together we can create an unforgettable experience for visitors as they explore a unique cultural destination fueled by our innovative charging solutions!

HP Map.jpg

Fueling the Next Generation with STEM Education

EVi66 is currently leading the “charge” locally in Illinois with a mission to make EV Stations accessible by bringing sustainable energy solutions to our state.


By partnering with community-based nonprofits, we are initiating local environmental justice, EV installation planning, and STEM programming for all ages in partnership with local educational institutions. Our goal? To promote solutions and repivot the effects of climate change in our communities. 


Helping to bring STEM education to our underserved youth with an exciting new face: the healthy-food-lover 

Green Llama!

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