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We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About EV Charging Stations

EVi66 is the midwest’s flagship operation of electric vehicle charging stations working towards an expeditious and effortless rollout of EV Charging Stations throughout Illinois and California. 


We are revolutionizing the global perspective on electric vehicle charging stations, making them convenient and accessible for all. By empowering people with clean energy technology, we can reduce our dependency on fossil fuels while creating a greener tomorrow!


By reimagining the way electric vehicles are powered, we have revolutionized and disrupted the concept of EV charging stations to shape a new future for green energy. 

Our commitment is to ensure that all drivers have access to reliable and convenient charging options for their electric vehicles. Portions of the proceeds go directly to sustaining eSTEAM kids educational programming.  Taking place in the very same communities as the charging stations. Giving back to communities is our most renewable resource. 

We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services to the Midwest.

Software Integration

Our groundbreaking EV Charging Station software ensures you're always one step ahead with real time information intelligence to stay in control, no matter where and when.


Our cutting-edge app lets you monitor your stations around the clock, so wherever you may be, rest assured that your data is safeguarded with precision accuracy and connected 24/7, no matter where you are in the Illinois you can stay in the driver's seat with up-to-the-minute intelligence.​

Perception Enabled

PERCEPTION is revolutionizing the way we interact with Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations by augmenting them with awareness and understanding. Now, these stations can detect users' presence and provide an enhanced experience – leading to greater adoption of green energy solutions.

A Different Approach, Using a New Method of Manufacturing.

As technology continues to progress, we can look forward to an ever-strengthening economic foundation. Through the implementation of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and workforce processes, our economy is progressing towards a brighter future full of increased efficiency and productivity in Illinois. 

Advancing technology has been a major driver of economic stability and growth in Illinois manufacturing. As development accelerates, so does its capacity for efficiency and productivity. 








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